Thursday, December 3, 2015

two hundred seventy

Come sit a spell.
Camino is a bakery-beverage spot in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem.  They've been at it since 2011 serving up good times and quality moments with the community.  The entire place is artisan -- right down to the walls.  They've always featured fresh art every month.  For December 2015 they get 26 drawings, mostly brand new and debut from Les III.

This body of work is called "Colorful Self Conscious".  These drawings explore notions of a proper blush.  The quirkily rendered people are experiencing excitement, sorrow, elation, shame, inspiration, and of course, embarrassment.  The drawings explore how the rendered people are dealing with their uncomfortable blush.  Some of the drawings include elongated rectangles rendered about their eyes.  The rectangles obscure and filter the emotion being experienced.  These visual buffers: rectangles, orbs, and rays are also bringing attention to the emotion the rendered individuals are experiencing.  They are colorful self conscious musings that are black & white on flesh tone.

Calling Out The Insides (detail)
It's the happy medium between a colorful self and self-conscious.

Colorful Self Conscious opens with a free reception on Friday, December 4 from 6p -- 7p at Camino Bakery located at 310B West Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem. The exhibit runs through December 30.        

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